ON-SITE WORSHIP TIMES: Sundays • 8:30am & 11:00am. To attend, please get a Worship Service Reservation (WSR) Code. MORE INFO →


Why GCCP is Restarting On-Site Worship Services

GCCP's decision to restart on-site worship services is driven primarily by our desire to minister to the spiritual needs of people who are not currently connected to our virtual ministries and online outreaches. For many, virtual worship is not a viable option for several reasons and their spiritual lives are being affected. The option of an on-site worship service may be able to minister to these individuals. With the option of on-site worship services, rest assured that the virtual worship options for all ages will continue to be available.

Preparing for On-Site Worship

WORSHIP TIMES  |  Sunday • 8:30am • 11:00am


As you prepare to come to on-site worship services, don't forget to bring a Bible, face mask, and your Worship Service Reservation (WSR) Code. Your WSR Code also serves as your parking pass. No WSR Code, no entry.


For more information on WSR Codes, please see Frequently Asked Questions.


Face shields are not required, but feel free to wear them if that would make you feel more comfortable.


•  As you arrive, please follow the instructions of our volunteers. 

•  Present your WSR Code and have your temperature taken.

•  Wear your face masks. Maintain physical distance.

•  Frequently wash and sanitize your hands.

•  Please note that your entrance and exit points will be different.


•  Ushers will guide you to your seat. Please follow their instructions as they ensure physical-distance seating.

•  Remain seated throughout the entire service if possible.

•  Shaking hands will have to wait for now.



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Worship Service Reservation (WSR) Code

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